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Adjustable comb and butt plate hardware is all produced in house.  With adjustable comb hardware, you have your choice of brass or aluminum
Adjustable Buttplates, Combs, & Pads:






Beretta 690:



Browning Maxus:


CZ612 Trap





Air rifle stock




Perazzi style cut:


Beretta Silver Pigeon 28 gauge

Beretta A400 Sporting with adjustable comb and powder coated butt plate



Customize A400 20ga with parallel soft comb and adjustable LOP butt plate for youth shooter:




A400 with adjustable comb and Isis adjustable butt plate:


Beretta 686 Silver pigeon 1 20ga, custom soft comb, adjustable butt plate and short LOP for petite female Trap shooter



Browning laminated: 









BT99 shown with new TronSpace brass hardware:


One Piece TronSpace hardware in Aluminum and Brass:




Browning 725


Right and left handed K20's




Browning Citori shown with one piece TronSpace hardware and TronSpace butt plate:

Browning 525 with adjustable comb and powdercoated TronSpace adjustable butt plate:

Beretta SV-10


Perazzi MX-1 with SPS's CIRS LOP system with black powder coat and soft comb installed:



Beretta A-400 with added adjustable comb and Kickoff system replace with Gracoil:


Franchi auto with Stock Positioning Systems LOP recoil reducer:


Beretta A400 with ISIS recoil reducer


K80 with duplicate soft comb and ISIS recoil reducer


Browning 525 adjustable comb for short LOP and TronSpace buttplate:


Remington 3200 with soft comb and black powdercoated butt plate:


KX6 with soft comb duplicate and TronSpace black powder coated butt plate:



Even field stocks can be made adjustable (391 Field shown in picture);

680 Series Sporting stock with TronSpace comb and adjustable butt plate:

Convert your Sporting, Skeet, or Field Stock to a Parallel with a custom comb piece:

Beretta SV10 WITH Parallel comb piece:

Non Parallel (shown with TronSpace Buttplate)

To Parallel

Beretta 390 Super Trap converted to TronSpace Adjustable comb and Butt plate


Benelli shown with bronze powder coated butt plate:

Butts on concave stocks can be fitted with convex inserts:


Browning Superposed:

Synthetic stocks can usually be cut for shorter Lenth of Pull and a new pad ground to fit:




Benelli Super Sport with custom pad inserts so that any pad or butt plate can be installed:





If more offset is needed for your comb, custom hardware plates can be milled to allow more offset.  They simply screw down to the existing hardware.  Here is a K-80 with custom hardware that's been powder coated flat black:



Convert your factory Beretta or Browning Comb hardware to TronSpace brass or aluminum hardware:


Recoil Devices:


Blaser F3 shown with powder coated Gracoil to match guns black highlights

Browning XS with 14" LOP with Gracoil unit and TronSpace comb hardware conversion

Hull Deflectors:

Custom Cast/Drop shims For Beretta 390/3901 &391: