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2016 Price List

4 way adjustable combs $240
Soft combs $290

Custom comb duplicates $240
Soft $280

4 way adjustable combs for Browning break action $260
4 way adjustable combs for Beretta break action $260
4 way adjustable combs for Beretta 390/3901/391 $250
Replacement of factory Beretta or Browning hardware

to Stock Positioning System upgraded units  $150
Kickeez pad, including installation $90
Adjustable through the pad butt plate with pad $190


Stock Positioning Systems LOP butt plate with pad $240
GraCoil LOP butt plate with pad $260
GraCoil unit with pad $390
GraCoil unit with adjustable LOP $420

Stock Positioning Systems LOP reducer with Pad adjuster   $400

(similar to Gracoil LOP unit)

Stock Positioning Sysems CIRS system:  Price available upon request
ISIS Recoil reducer w/ISIS pad   $540

BREAKO Reduction System installed $130

Note: GraCoil, Stock Positioning System and BREAKO systems can only be used if space in the stock allows for installation.

Custom cast/drop shims with matching washer $40

Hull deflector (welded, permanent) for Remington 1100/11-87 12ga. Beretta 390/3901/391 12ga. $60

Note: Permanent hull deflectors work very well and are ideal when shooting Trap doubles, singles and for those who just don't want their hulls to eject too far. They are brand sensitive however and perform best when tuned to a specific brand or type of shell. For instance, Winchester and Remington hulls deflect very similar, but this is not the case with Federal or some other brands. I would need to know the type of shell that you plan on using for tuning purposes.

Install center bead (brass or stainless) $40


Refinishing available only IF workload allows, so please call for details.


Prices DO NOT include shipping and insurance.


Note:  I COLLECT BB and Pellet guns.  Daisy, King, Benjamin Franklin, Sheridan, Crosman, etc.  Let me know what you have!